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Meet Baked Wives


Tiffany Donovan

It all started with pancakes.


Growing up in a multigenerational household, cooking was a part of my everyday life. As a child I remember baking during the holidays with my grandmother and cousins, and soon I began to explore the kitchen on my own. I have always been partial to breakfast and all things sweet - and so it was only natural that pancakes was the first dish I mastered.


After moving out of my childhood home, I recognized the power that cooking can have. For me, cooking has always brought me back home. No matter how many years pass, this has remained true.


I feel fortunate to be an AZ native and may be biased when I say we have some incredible food. I have spent years traversing the state in search of the best food spots in each town - from upscale dinners to hole-in-the-wall gems. When I met my wife in 2016, we began traveling to different parts of the country which only further ignited my passion for food and the human connection it facilitates. 


In 2021 I was able to leave behind my decade long career in the medical field and pursue my passion for food full time. I spent the last year working with Private Chefs in the Scottsdale Community while exploring and experimenting with food on my own. I am fortunate to do what I love every day.


Hayley Donovan

Growing up, cooking wasn’t a huge part of my life. However, when Christmas came around we got serious about baking in the Donovan household. I remember my excitement each year - helping my mom measure out ingredients, mixing, and always sneaking a bit of the batter (sorry mom). I remember our decorated Christmas cookies in the shape of Santa, angels, candy canes, and my dad’s favorite, the gingerbread man. My dad being the creative one in the house was the designated cookie decorator, and my mom watched with admiration as we created our (messy) works of art.


Cookie decorating and baking remained a fond holiday memory until 2019. I lost my father late in the year, and found myself wanting to channel some energy into something creative. I was drawn to the kitchen and started baking on a regular basis - fast forward 3 years later, and cooking, baking, and decorating has become one of the biggest parts of my life. I found a creative outlet and feel fortunate to be able to bring people’s ideas to life with a sweet treat.


If I am not baking, you can find me at Pathways. I work full time at an exceptional company where everyday I get the privilege to help people connect to their meaning at work. 

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